We need someone to post this snippet on YouTube.

A television program featuring gory police work will shine its spotlight on Williams College next week and in another upcoming show, if only for a few moments.

CBS contacted the college’s public affairs department about a month ago to say Williams would be mentioned during two episodes of “CSI (Crime Scene Investigation),” first on Nov. 16 and again on Jan. 4.

The show, set in Las Vegas, is ranked one of the 10 most-watched programs on prime-time television and has spawned two popular spin-offs, “CSI: Miami” and “CSI: New York.”

According to the Williams Record, next week’s episode will include a scene in which protagonist Gil Grissom receives an invitation printed on Williams letterhead to give a series of lectures at the college. In the January episode, another main character, David Hodges, will give Grissom a Williams sweatshirt.

Great stuff. Nicely written Record article here.

What we really need is a montage of all the Williams mentions in the popular media, collected together along with background and commentary. Don’t forget Gaylord Focker! A perfect Winter Study project . . .

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