Applications are due today for the JA Selection Committee.

The JA Selection Committee will be getting together this Spring to select the JAs to the Class of 2011! It’s a great way to have an impact on first-year life at Williams and it’s a lot of fun, too. We welcome students with all kinds of backgrounds and experiences to the committee and encourage all sophomores, juniors and seniors to apply (sorry, no freshmen). Interested students should e-mail Myron (07mm) AND Ren (07rcm) BY NOVEMBER 16th with a brief self-nomination including why you want to be on committee, whether you will be here for Winter Study and anything else that you’d like us to know. Also feel free to e-mail us with any questions you may have about the committee.

Great stuff. For background on the JASC, check out Willipedia. My comments on this are the same each year.

1) Apply! You will learn more about life its own self on JASC then almost anywhere else at Williams.

2) The JASC ought to expand its membership to include all credible applicants. More participation leads to better results. Now, there is nothing wrong with setting a high hurdle, with requiring a written essay with the application or kicking off anyone who misses more than 1 of thr first 10 meetings. But, if someone really wants to participate in the process, a place should be created for them. To be inclusive you need to include people.

I realize that this will, perhaps, make the committee larger than it has been in the past. I see no reason that this will lead to better (or even different) decisions as to who is selected to be a JA. But it will lead the Williams community as a whole to view the process as more legitimate, as less incestuous. It will also cause those who are rejected to have more faith in the process since they are more likely to know, personally, someone on the committee who can vouch for its fairness.

We have a couple of regulars with experience on the JASC. Perhaps they could chime in with further comment.

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