The Admissions office has a new webpage up, which apparently is a work in progress. Huge, huge improvement over the last version.

The best things about this page, in my view:
(1) it highlights what makes Williams unique among its peers, including campus traditions (but where is trivia???) and academic programs (might mention Williams-Oxford here???)
(2) by far the most visually appealing webpage, without sacrificing ease of navigation. At the same time, has lots of interesting information (including Williams’ signature “factoids” that have been part of its admissions material since at least the early 1990’s).
(3) I like the after williams section, in particular the link to Wikipedia’s list of prominent alums

There is not much to dislike, but I think the page should include some sort of virtual tour, both photographic and video, considering the huge amount of international interest Williams now receives. Perhaps that is forthcoming. Also, the page no longer (as far as I can see) contains a link to a broad statistical frosh class profile, which I think really helps potential applicants realistically gauge their chances. But overall, one of the best admissions pages I’ve seen at any college. Far better than Amherst’s or Swarthmore’s — nice to finally say that about a Williams webpage.

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