Some spend their free time providing constructive criticism on Op-Ed submissions; others spend it painstakingly cutting and painting small pieces of wood and wiring them together into intricate functionless models. I fall into the latter category, and since the end product qualifies as “All Things Eph,” I thought I’d share it with you.


Over the course of the three summers between my four years at Williams, I made this boat. It’s about five feet long, and the boat is about three inches wide (about two feet wide with the oars out). I started with a two-by-four, which I made into a hull, figured out a way to engineer it so that the seats would move like in a real crew boat, and then made detailed and unreasonably accurate rowers that can go through the whole motion of rowing, and a coxswain who can actually steer the boat. I painted everything purple and yellow in the appropriate places, and it really does look rather accurate and sharp.


Because this whole process was very thought-intensive and the end product was basically the most awesome object I’ve ever made, I made a whole web site to explain every step of the process in excruciating detail, including many pictures of the final product as well as photographic documentation of every step of the creation process.

I don’t know how large the intersection between Williams rowers and EphBlog readers is, but I expect that some alums might find it interesting.

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