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New OCC Website?

Is the webpage for the Office of Career Counseling new? Seems new to me. Perhaps the experienced web designers among our readers could provide some commentary and suggestions.

My initial comment: How are current students supposed to find alumni like, well, me, alumni who are experienced in their industry, have extensive networks and are eager to help current seniors? I am providing a great deal of help to one senior, who worked for me this past summer, but others interested in investment/finance would probably(?) benefit from talking with me. I have heard from no one.

My solution: EphCOI.

And this isn’t just about me. I have told this senior to use the alumni database to find other, ideally more powerful, alumni to network with. He is having trouble and I do not think that the fault is his.

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#1 Comment By Loweeel On November 21, 2006 @ 4:52 pm

I have to say, Williams was VERY well represented at the FedSoc convention. There were at least 6 alumni there — Myself and 2 other ’03s, an ’06, an ’01 (last picture, scroll down) who will be clerking for the very prestigious mother-in-law of one of my friends, and of course Judge Jeff Sutton.

#2 Comment By AC ’98 On November 21, 2006 @ 11:48 pm

Amherst has an online directory (accessed through the main Amherst website) that allows alumni to search the entire alumni roster (both living and deceased). You can also customize searches to find alumni by, location, business industry, employer name and job title. I would be completely stunned if Williams doesn’t have this.

I’m not sure if current Amherst students have access to it, or if it is just for alumns but obviously there are very good reasons for current students to have this information.

#3 Comment By AC ’98 On November 22, 2006 @ 12:01 am

And it looks like Williams has such a database accessible to students, with the same search functions, through the career services offices page.

SO my question is, what is the current problem with the alumni database that makes EphCoi a solution. My gripe with Amherst’s database is that many alumns do not keep their own information up to date or provide the necessary detail. Either they don’t care to be contacted (which I normally find troubling), or they don’t realize how such networking tools benefit everyone.

#4 Comment By Guy Creese ’75 On November 22, 2006 @ 6:54 am

Actually, the Williams alumni directory isn’t as powerful as Amherst’s. I went in through the OCC page and it uses Ephnet. The college ratcheted back Ephnet’s search function a number of years ago. You used to be able to search by business industry, employer name, and job title, but not any more. I think several alums sent out mass mailings so the college made sure you can’t easily target a certain group, such as alumni who are lawyers or who work at Microsoft. However, you can search by location or class year or major or student activity or sport.

If you get too many hits (e.g., searching for alumni living in Massachusetts yields 3,808 results) the system refuses to divulge the listing and you have to narrow the search (e.g., Andover, MA) before it will return them.