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One Act

Good stuff from Cap & Bells.

Back by popular demand, it’s Cap and Bells’ Winter Study One Acts! This year, we’re going back to basics – the January One Act festival will be “Two Chairs and a Box.” And what does that mean, you ask? It means you – yes, you! – get the chance to cast and direct a short play over Winter Study using minimal set and tech. It’s a great way to break into directing for Cap and Bells or to just get your theatre fix when you’re free from the pesky distraction of classes and homework. If you know of, or have written, a great one act play (10-45 minutes), this is your chance to see it performed!

My suggestion: A one act play about Nigaleian. Three actors: Aida Laleian, Layla Ali and one other professor, or perhaps a single actor playing several of the other professors present. (In a pinch, you could drop the last professor.) Setting is the meeting room in which the fateful phrase was spoken. Plot is to show several (3?) versions of the same event, presenting (virtually) the same dialog, or having Laleian say exactly the same words, or, at minimum, each version concludes with the same phrase about how she did not want her field to be “used as a nigger.”

If I were a playwright, I would write this myself. Alas, no talent means no script. The goal would be to show how, even if the words are the same, changes in the surrounding context can transform Laleian from socially awkward (the Rooney Defense) to profoundly evil.

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