You saw David Kane’s application. Now, David is a very dedicated alum who is willing to devote many hours to writing things about Williams, but as you know, sometimes people disagree with him. Are you one of them? Then apply to be on the 2007 Willipedia board.

We want current students, and we want alums. We want a diversity of opinion, dedicated writers, and people who know things about Williams. The 2006 board has students from the classes of 2004 through 2007, and it’s been a great year, but there are some historical gaps that we just can’t fill in. For that, we need alums, from any period, really.

Guy Creese? HWC? Perhaps. One of the many people who read EphBlog and almost never, if ever, comment? Yes, probably one of you is just the person we’re looking for. So please, apply to be on the Willipedia board. You’ll be glad you did.

(And if you agree with David Kane, that’s okay, too.)

The full announcement, with all the details, is below (click the following link):

All Williams students and alumni are eligible to become one of a small “board” of people to direct and stimulate the development of the WSO-hosted Williams wiki, Willipedia. Applications to containing a short explanation of why you should be selected are due Monday, December 4.

WHAT IS WILLIPEDIA?: Willipedia is the online knowledge-base entirely concerned with Williams information, including our history, our slang, our traditions, our student groups; it is an effort to record and share our wisdom, our jokes, our entire consciousness. The site has run since Fall 2005 and has been built since then by the contributions of students, alumni, and faculty to over 2000 pages,
about 500 of which are real-content articles.

WHAT WILLIPEDIA NEEDS: Born Fall 2005, Willipedia has a long way to go from its current babyhood to reach maturity as an entertaining, inclusive, and accurate collection of articles that reflect and record the Williams consciousness. It needs a few loving parents:
� to show it the path to goodness
� to work together, usually behind the scenes
� to give time and thought to its upbringing
� to devise creative ways to draw in new contributions from diverse parts of the Williams community
� to be ever-watchful, and help it through any growing pains
� to represent it to public admirers and critics, when necessary

HOW TO APPLY: DEADLINE MONDAY DECEMBER 4th. Members of the current Willipedia board will select the new leaders. Applicants will be judged primarily on the quality of the ideas in their application and may also be helped by any previous work done in the wiki (though this is not expected or required to apply). To apply, send a letter to explaining why you believe you could improve Willipedia by serving on its Board. Consider addressing those of the following questions that spark your interest, but most importantly, write to us what you want to write.
� What do you feel are Willipedia’s strengths? Weaknesses? Areas of greatest potential?
� What would you most want to improve or change about Willipedia? How would you seek to do it?
� Why do you believe you can be more of a help on the Board as opposed to just as a dedicated editor?
� What are your favorite articles currently on the wiki?
� What do you think of Willipedia’s current Policies?
� How would you get more people involved in writing on Willipedia?

Good luck,

— The 2006 Wiki Board

Sara Beach ’06
Diana Davis ’07
Jonathan Landsman ’05
Daniel McKenna-Foster ’07
Evan Miller ’06
Brent Yorgey ’04

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