Applicants for the Willipedia board are due today. Mine is here. I hope that there are lots of applications and that the board expands its size. If Willipedia is to survive, it will need as much help and involvement as possible.

In terms of the real need that Willipedia might be able to meet, I would urge it toward becoming a clearing house on class information at Williams. There should be an entry on every course, with links to the course catalogue and supplementary material like syllabi. (Of course, it is pathetic that the College itself does not do this, but we might as well start somewhere.) In addition, there would be comments from students with lots of detail/advice/commentary on the class. What is the actual workload? Are the listed prerequisites really necessary? How hard is the grading? And so on.

My brief experience with Religion 228T demonstrates that Williams currently does a poor job of organizing information about classes in a manner useful for students. Willipedia should fix this. (The exact relationship between this effort and Factrak is a topic for another day.)

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