Campus Life Coordinators are such important and busy people that they need their own assistant? Riiiight. (The continued growth of the Office of Campus Life was predicted here.) Best part:

The Campus Life Coordinator Student Office Assistant will work in a fun and enthusiastic office environment, and will have many opportunities to think creatively and work independently while contributing to the following tasks:

Advertising for weekly CLC – sponsored non-alcohol events
Project-based work (postering, cutting, stapling, copying, etc. for CLC projects)
Answering telephones when all CLCs are absent

There are 4 Campus Life Coordinators, plus two Assistant Directors of Campus Life, plus the Director of Campus Life, Doug Schiazza — who stopped returning my e-mails but was a friend to EphBlog in the past. These people can’t answer their own phones or can’t coordinate their own schedules so that there is always someone at the office? They need help putting up posters? I don’t want to be (too) mean, but what does a typical CLC do all day long that prevents him from finding time to put up some posters? Sounds like a nice topic for a Record investigation.

Is there no longer a hiring freeze? Bring it back. The more employees the College has, the less autonomy available to the students.

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