This does not seem like a good idea. Details below. How did it work out in practice?

You’re invited to the first-ever Spencer Screw, this Friday from 9pm to

This is the chance to set up your friends with dates, which can be good,
bad, or funny!

To screw your friends, click this link:

The social event will take place at the Log, followed by a huge all-campus
tent party!

A CHAUFFER is available to take you to the Log, starting at 9pm at Mission.
We will have a driver running an eleven-passenger van to the Log from
Mission, Greylock and the Frosh Quad. The driver will come by your dorm
every 15-20 minutes. Note that the van can’t take everybody at once, so only
use it if you really need it. And be nice to the driver even if you’re

Van Pickup Locations:

Mission: Behind the building

Greylock: On North Street, outside Mark Hopkins and Carter

Frosh Quad: Right by Chapin Hall

Starting at 11pm, the van will begin taking people from the Log to the tent
party. From there you have to hike it back (but we’re sure you won’t mind
after all the dancing and mingling with your dates).

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