A picture of Nate Krissoff and the man he helped rescue.

Rescued Hostage and Krissoff.jpg

1st Lt Ballard provides the background.

As we’re still prosecuting targets related to this particular raid, there are a lot of specifics I can’t get into.

Several groups have the habit of kidnapping individuals with the intent of influencing tribal/religious/political groups. Others do it for revenge. Our hostage was abducted for the second reason. Like thousands of other Iraqis, He had accepted compensation from Coalition Forces for damages to his home that were incurred during the second battle of Fallujah. Unfortunately for him, the bad guys found out about it.

We had reliable intelligence leading us to specific residences. In one of these residences we found four males. As our orders were to detain all military aged males (MAMs) on sight. As Nate began the on scene interrogation, one of those MAMs showed significant signs of torture and deprivation.

Long story short, the other three MAMs had kidnapped the first MAM several days earlier. His decapitation was scheduled to be videotaped later that same morning.

Nate’s skills were crucial during the process. The intelligence/evidence that Nate obtained were critical to insuring the effective legal prosecution of the other 3 detainees. It also lead us to finding several weapons caches utilized by this same “bad-guy” group.

If the war in Iraq is ever to be won, it will be done so via one helped Iraqi at a time.

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