Prof. Mark Taylor shows up on the NYT op-ed page, arguing that religious correctness is simply the latest version of political correctness.

The chilling effect of these attitudes was brought home to me two years ago when an administrator at a university where I was then teaching called me into his office. A student had claimed that I had attacked his faith because I had urged him to consider whether Nietzsche’s analysis of religion undermines belief in absolutes. The administrator insisted that I apologize to the student. (I refused.)

My experience was not unique. Today, professors invite harassment or worse by including “unacceptable” books on their syllabuses or by studying religious ideas and practices in ways deemed improper by religiously correct students.

Read the whole thing for his conclusions. Was “the university where [he] was then teaching” Williams, or somewhere else? Those who know are invited to say.

Another good addition to the op-ed page by the recently promoted David Shipley ’85.

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