Our Winter Study seminar starts tomorrow. Here is the e-mail that I just sent out to the discussants.


A belated Happy New Year and thanks for agreeing to participate as Discussants in EphBlog’s 3rd annual Winter Study seminar: ‘Wealth’ and Elite Education. You can see the final version of the syllabus here.


Check it out for the schedule, instructions and links to previous years. I’ll be posting the first discussion tomorrow.

Again, don’t feel the need to do anything but read your assigned article and provide a paragraph or two of commentary/discussion. If you’d like to read the other articles and participate in the back-and-forth of the discussions, that would be great as well, of course. But the only thing that you have committed to is the single discussion.

As those of you who have participated before know (and the rest can see by checking out the previous years’), we do not pull punches in these discussions. We discuss hard subjects in a serious way. But we also aim to maintain a tone of civility and mutual respect, even (especially!) about topics on which we disagree.

Thanks again for your participation.

And the same applies to all our readers. Please join us.

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