Judging from some of our Google hits, Williams made another appearance on CSI last night. Previous stories here. The episode summary reports:

Meanwhile, Hodges parks himself in front of Grissom, digging for info about his leave of absence to teach at Hodges’ alma mater. He’s chatty, and Grissom is relieved when Catherine interrupts.

Is David Hodges an Eph? If he is the same age as Wallace Langham, the actor who plays him, Hodges would be class of 1987. I stopped watching CSI before this character appeared, so perhaps other readers can provide more details. The episode summary suggests that Grissom (the lead character) is coming to Williams, not just for a lecture, but for a four week sabbatical, perhaps teaching a Winter Study class?

And now we just need someone to post a video or screen grab of the sweatshirt scene, something beyond my technical abilities.

UPDATE [Eric]: Here are screenshots from when it was looking into the box, and when Grissom pulls it out with Hodges standing at the desk.

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