The nice folks at the Office of Campus Life have been busy.

The Office of Campus Life has published their Winter Campus Life Newsletter as an activity guide, full of information on the amazing events, parties, lectures, meetings, dinners and movies happening on campus. It is by no means a comprehensive list, but it has a calendar of almost everything going on during Winter Study 2007! Be sure to check WSO for updates to the activities listed in the guide, and for announcements about events not listed.
You can get yours in Goodrich and at the Mail Office–check your PO Boxes as well!
Don’t miss out!
Get Out. Stay in. Have fun!
Winter Study 2007!

Back in the day, students had to figure out for themselves what activities were available. It was brutal! We were so confused! Mostly, we spent January sitting around the common room, staring at each other. Thank goodness OCL is here to help students out.

Next, an Office of Campus Life Guide to Doing Your Laundry. Or how about OCL Guide to Tying Your Shoes.

Now, I realize that this is a bit mean, that the people at OCL mean well, that they are honestly trying to make Williams a better place. But surely there are more important things for them to do, and by that I don’t mean lobby for a women’s center.

More importantly, the issue with this activity guide is the same with as with almost everything else that OCL does. By doing for students what students use to do for themselves (however imperfectly), OCL makes the student experience less than what it was before.

Remember the tablecloths!

By the way, if anyone has an electronic version of the guide, we would love to post it.

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