The NYT Education Life section from Sunday leads with a cover story called “The Asian Campus,” the subject of which you can probably infer.


1) The print edition of the section includes a runner along the bottom part of the page listing the Asian enrollment percentages at selected colleges and universities (Stanford 24%, Harvard 18%, etc.). Amherst (13%) and Wellesley (27%) are included; Wesleyan and Williams are not.

2) Daniel Golden, author of “The Price of Admission,” is quoted describing Asians as the “new Jews” in the context of higher education.

3) The article’s author attacks the Asian admissions problem through the prism of the race-blind UC system. The state of California is 12% Asian; the UC undergrad system is 37% Asian. At Berkeley, that number is 41%, 46% for the current freshman class.

4) Apparently, the current UCLA freshman class of 4,809 includes a grand total of 100 black students. I mean, holy shit. After checking the UCLA athletics Web site, I’d say at least 34 of those frosh are varsity athletes.

5) The big question is about the future of admissions in “the post-affirmative action age,” according to the author.

Are we headed toward a day when all elite colleges will look like Berkeley: relatively wealthy whites (about 60 percent of white freshmen’s families make $100,000 or more) and a large Asian plurality and everyone else underrepresented?

Unhelpfully, the author does not provide an answer for his own question.

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