Two Ephs were pictured in the New York Times yesterday. Congressman Chris Murphy ’96 (CT-D) in an article on Medicare.

House Democrats celebrating passage of the bill Friday. Representatives
Nick Lampson and Christopher S. Murphy are pictured on the left. Steven
Kagen and Charlie Wilson share a laugh, right.

And Susan Schwab ’76 was pictured along with an article on world trade talks. Unfortunately, the picture does not seem to be available online.

In the old days, I would refer to Murphy and Schwab as an EphHunk and EphBabe, respectively. Do readers miss this sort of light-hearted frivolality?

Trivia: Although pictured on the same day, Murphy and Schwab are in different photos. When was the last time two Ephs appeared in the same photo?

Answer: Vicky Fang ’98 and Austin Chang ’99.

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