Did any of our readers participate in Trivia on Saturday? Jonathan mentioned it before. Here is the main web page. Participants didn’t put team details on Willipedia. Comments:

1) Loved the team with nothing but Yorgeys.

2) Loved the trash talk from JC Superstars, the winning team. “We have God on our side! (and his son)”

3) The future of Trivia seems secure since there was plenty of First Year participation. Besides the winning team (based in Lehman), a Williams C team came in 4th. Many/most of the teams, however, seemed off-campus.

4) Did the existence of neighborhood housing have any impact on Trivia? For example, were any of the teams explicitly based on a neighborhood? Did any of the neighborhood governing boards encourage participation? Recall that revitalizing Trivia was one of the benefits that neighborhoods were supposed to create. This was always a bogus argument since it implied (with zero evidence) that the popularity of Trivia had fallen in the last 20 years.

5) Was participation greater or less than usual? The contest was remarkably close. The top 3 teams were with 11 points of each other and there were 5 teams within 50 points of the winner. How many students on campus participated? Ideally, Trivia would have both lots of alumni and lots of student participation.

6) Where is the recap (like this one from 2004) for the contest. A member of Suite Suite Lovin ought to record this history while it is still fresh.

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