Stephen O’Grady ’97 is having a fun time at Mashup Camp.

Mashup Camp is built around a simple – and accurate, IMO – assumption that the biggest value in any given conference is the people that attend. Rather than limit the interactions with said people to borrowed time in hurried hallway conversations, the unconference structure actively embraces that value, turning the conference into a series of ad-hoc interactions. Very high value interactions, in my experience, whether you’re talking PHP caching techniques with John Herren (pictured) or open source Second Life with Isabel Hilborn.

Sounds cool. But what would be the Eph equivalent? How about an Eph Wikipedia Mashup? Invite a score of the most involved and knowledgeable alumni (and some students/faculty/staff) to spend the week-end in Williamstown upgrading the Wikipedia entry on Williams. Lots of networking and lots of fun.

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