From a reader:

It been a while since I first emailed you, but I’ve been meaning to write for a while. I’d like to express my gratitude for your offering Ephblog as a place to remember Nate Krissoff, and to share stories and pictures. I hope you have heard this from many other people, but I’d like to say thank you as well. At his services, a number of people I spoke with mentioned the site, the things written there, and how much they appreciated it. Somehow the more I see and read the more it helps, and I think a lot of Nate’s friends feel the same way. Any way to keep his memory alive and to honor him helps ease the pain. Thanks for all you have done.

I never had the honor of knowing Nate, but I knew many Marines like him, Marines who would unthinkingly lay down their lives so that my daughters might live safely through the darkness of this long war. By helping keep Nate’s memory alive, I thank both him and all our other warriors for their sacrifices and service.

And so I ask again for more memories of Nate. With each passing day, those memories grow ever dimmer. Share them with us. Did you have a class with Nate, live in the same dorm, swim with him for Williams, spend time with him in the snack bar? If so, tell us about it. However brief and unimportant the interaction might seem to you, Nate’s close friends and family will appreciate, in the decades to come, recalling every time that Nate touched another’s life, both at Williams and elsewhere.

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