DeWitt Clinton has started an Ephs in Technology group at Google Groups. Check it out. I liked this post.

Google SketchUp is running a “Build Your Campus in 3D Competition”.

It wouldn’t be easy to win, but the Williams campus is small enough and interesting enough, and the students talented enough, for us to do an amazing job.

And just think how cool it would be to use Google Earth and see
Mission, the new Baxter Hall (it’s still called Baxter, right?), the
Clark Museum, the row houses, Sawyer Library, Chapin Hall, and all the
rest in full 3D.

The website for the contest is here:

The deadline is June 1, 2007.

Anyone want to start a Team Eph?

Yes! What a great idea! Think of all the different talents from across campus and among the alumni (technology, design, art, landscape, architecture) which could be brought together for this. Any current undergraduates (someone from Gargoyle?) interested in impressing future employers should step up to lead the project.

Or, since I am always hassling the Office of Campus Life about all the time that they waste on stupid stuff, perhaps OCL could start up such a team and then turn it over to some students to run. (There is nothing wrong with OCL starting projects like this and getting them going. They should just turn them over to the students as quickly as possible.)

And no, DeWitt, you out-of-touch old man. It’s Paresky, not Baxter.

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