A recurring suggestion from EphBlog (first mentioned five years ago) has been to put course syllabi on-line. EphBlog gets results!

Kudos to all involved! Comments:

1) This seems a very rough first pass. No doubt, many improvements will be forthcoming. You currently need a student login. Why? At a minimum, there is no reason not to allow alumni to see this material. Also, what about applicants and their parents? Aren’t we proud of all that Williams has to offer?

2) Note that all this information is already “public” in the sense that anyone can walk into Stetson and see the hard copy collection. There are no trade secrets here. If MIT can put its entire curriculum on-line and available to all (including syllabi, class notes, problem sets, lectures), there is no plausible reason for Williams to restrict access to syllabi.

3) The actual (but not plausible) reason for our recurrent inward-looking technological backwardness is that no one at the College seems to see where the world is going. Blogs, on-line course content, transparency and all the other stuff I constantly squawk about is not only good, it is inevitable. The sooner the College moves forward with these projects, the better off it will be.

4) Reunion classes might have fun arranging for the inclusion of some syllabi from their eras. Wouldn’t that be cool?

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