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“Wealth” and Elite Education

Our Winter Study Seminar, “Wealth” and Elite Education, has started. See the syllabus for details. All are welcome to participate. We will keep this entry at the top of EphBlog until the end of the month and provide links (see below) to the discussions.

January 4: David Kane on “Introduction” to College Access: Opportunity or Privilege? by Michael S. McPherson and Morton Owen Schapiro.

January 8: TangoMan on Nicholas Lehmann interview.

January 15: Whitney Wilson ’90 on “Watch What We Do (and Not What We Say): How Student Aid Awards Vary with Financial Need and Academic Merit,” by Michael S. McPherson and Morton Owen Schapiro.

January 17: Glenn Yong ’11 on “Access to the Most Selective Private Colleges by High-Ability, Low-Income Students: Are They Out There?,” by Gordon C. Winston and Catharine B. Hill.

January 20: Chris Warren on “No Merit in These Scholarships,” by Fay Vincent ’60.

January 22: Professor Michael F. Brown on “Social Comparison of Abilities at an Elite College: Feeling Outclassed with 1350 SATs,” by Matthew B. Kugler and George R. Goethals.

January 24: Lowell Jacobson ’03 on “U.S. Tax Policy, Research Grants and Higher Education: The Undebated Billions,” by Wick Sloane ’76 and Jonathan Leirer.

During the month, we have also discussed related topics such as The Asian Campus (on increasing Asian-American enrollment at Berkeley), Predicting Academic Performance (highlighting those parts of a college application which are correlated with academic success at colleges like Williams), The Incredibles (discussion of elite high schools), Diversity Makes a Difference (about research on the effects of a diversity on business success)

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