Mondale Hall, a Lord Jeff reader, writes.

I thought you might be interested to see this. Amherst is overhauling
it’s alumni page. Alumni can now set up blogs from there, etc. and can
interact with material posted on the pages. Will be interesting to see
how it pans out. I think the link below should work for you.

Looks like this is part of a much larger project.

The college is implementing a new way of publishing and managing content on its Website. This new system (called a Content Management System) allows you to interact with and publish content on the Amherst College Website without needing to know any code. By logging into the Amherst College Website, you can add comments to articles and blogs (what is a blog?), and create your own pages, blogs and RSS feeds (what is RSS?).

The Amherst Website is being moved into the new system in sections. The first to move was the Alumni & Parents section, in January of 2007. Over 2007 and 2008, most or all of the Amherst site will be moved into the new system. This guide shows how to use the parts of the site that have been moved into the new system.

How much more evidence does the Society of Alumni need before it realizes that this is the wave of the future? I know, I know. They are “working” on it. They provided an “overview” to the Executive Committee in Portland. But, even at this late date, there is no information available to non-insiders like me (and you). What is the plan? What firm have they hired to do the work? (Please, not Harris!) What is the vision? Who is in charge?

As always, the SoA would be much more likely to be successful in achieving its goals — goals that I mostly agree with — if it were more open and transparent, if it solicited input from experts like DeWitt Clinton ’98 and Ken Thomas ’93.

My thoughts on what Williams should do are the same as before. It is tough to tell how consistent Amherst’s plan is with this vision. At the very least, they are way ahead of Williams. No worries though! The Executive Committee of the SoA had a great time on their boondoggle to Oregon, all paid for with your alumni fund donations.

If the Record wanted to make trouble, they would find out how much that meeting cost relative to the usual meetings in Williamstown. At least it was cheaper than last year’s junket to London!

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