Is having First Years in Mission Park a good idea or a bad idea? Good question. My latest project is to gather information on this topic from those most qualified to comment: current JAs. Here is the first comment:

So I’m a JA in Willy A in the frosh quad this year, so my perspective on Mission in from an outsider looking in:

-only room for singles which can decrease bonding. Nice rooms and close together, but I still like the idea of having a few kids paired in the entry and thus giving more upper classmen the option of a single.

-TV’s with cable in the common room keep kids from doing work. I know this can sometime be relaxing, but nobody goes outside anymore and enjoys the wilderness or play a card game….even gamble?!? Rather they spend off hours watching trash TV. I think a TV with a DVD player is fine, but these super nice flat screen TVs often take the social life out of the common room. The furniture is set up so that people can watch Television, not engage in interesting, challenging, “Life changing” Conversation.

I guess just take cable out

Jared Oubre
JA in Williams Hall A

Thanks to Jared (and others) for giving me permission to publish their comments. My guess is that having First Years in Mission Park is a very good thing, that it removes the unhealthly quad/not-quad distinction, that it allows the class to mix and bond much more thoroughly than the previous scheme.

But this is an empirical question! Maybe the First Years are worse off. I want to collect testimony from all concerned. Why? First, it is good to bring out the truth and examine it. Second, if this is a bad change, then we should start gathering evidence so that it might be reversed. A high quality first year experience should not be sacrificed on the alter of Neighborhood Housing. Third, if this is a good change, than we need to gather proof to support it, proof that will be available in the years to come. You never know when the Administration is going to want to change something that works very well. Not that that has ever happened in the past, or anything . . .

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