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Nathan Krissoff ’03 – Plaque in Thompson Memorial Chapel

A temporary bronze plaque honoring Nathan Krissoff ’03 should be placed in Thompson Memorial Chapel in time for the June 10th Annual Alumni Memorial Service.

The traditional protocol, which the college is to be highly commended for following, is as follows:

Only Ephs who have fallen in battle get their names inside the Chapel sanctuary.

With the excpetion of Ephraim Williams himself, the following information is listed for each fallen Eph:

Class Year
Place of Death
Date of Death

Nate’s temporary bronze plaque will read

Nathan M. Krissoff ’03 Iraq December 9, 2006

{Ephraim Williams has the actual battle listed instead of the geographic location of his death, and, obviously, he has no Class Year.}

Facing the back of the Chapel, up on the left back wall is a large stone scroll with the names from the Korean and Vietnam Wars. The right back wall is currently empty.

Nathan’s bronze plaque will be placed on the right back wall. If other names need to be added, each will get his own plaque to be placed on the wall with Nathan’s. When all of the names are known, the plaques will be removed. A stone scroll to match the other wall will be put up, and the names permanently placed in the stone scroll. The temporary plaques will be given to the families.

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#1 Comment By PTC On February 5, 2007 @ 6:15 am

Simple and honorable. A good tradition.

#2 Comment By David On February 5, 2007 @ 2:39 pm

I do not think it is correct that “Only Ephs who have fallen in battle get their names inside the Chapel sanctuary.” For example, many of the World War 2 deaths list continental US locations. So, I think that all Ephs who die while in uniform (and during war time?) are listed, not just those who die during combat.

Thanks to Stewart for keeping us updated on these efforts.