Our author Morgan Goodwin ’08 has teamed up with another JA, Kimbo Dacres ’08, to run for the college council co-presidency. This was “announced,” if you will, by creating a Facebook.com group and inviting people to join. A screenshot is below. Edit: Screenshot of a competing co-presidential ticket, that of Bagna Braestrup and Jon Prigoff, added below. Edited again: Third presidential ticket, Greenwald and Siegel, screenshot added.




It may be noted that the winning president, vice president, and secretary for the Class of 2007 all had Facebook.com groups of this nature, with instructions on how to vote (the Alumni Office did not make it particularly user-friendly), while those who lost the election (including me) did not. It is unlikely that anyone who runs for an office in the near future will make this mistake again. It is also kind of sad that this is how campaigning is done, although it is cheap and good in a campaign-finance-reform sort of way.

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