I remember a day when a drive to Pownal meant drinks. Just south of Bennington, at a place that is now a small office park, was a local haunt called Rogers Roost. Known by the locals as “The Roost”, it was a haven for 18-21 year olds from New York and MA, which made it one hell of a place to party in the 1980s. Williams Students, North Adams State students,and townies from all over the tri state area would drive to the Roost to drink and meet people. It was a great time to be a teen.
Roger was a foul mouthed parrot who lived in a cage above the bar. Right over the center of the bar top. Everyone fed him shots and beer, and taught him the most vile vocabulary, until he died of an overdose in the mid 1980s.
Nova and Chevelle Super sports, Trans Ams, Mustangs, Corvettes, GTO’s- a case of beer for the after hours ride to the nearest swimming hole or latest hook up. Spring Street sprang with activity – fast cars and youth. The number of players from the College were small in number, but they existed. They mixed freely with locals and partied like townies, always a State girl by their side. It was mostly a Williams male phenomenon, mostly. Interesting times then… has there been something lost?

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