The WSO thread on (lack of) Internet access is filled with gems, like this one from Peter Shin.

Yeah this is getting to be preeeeeeeetty goddamn maddening.

Then again, makes you think how profoundly different “life” must have been in the 80’s before the Internet existed. And by “life” I mean ways to pass time, info-sharing, academic resources, etc. Kinda makes me respect my parents (more) for being able to live and thrive in such a world, one which I have trouble even imagining.

1) Peter’s parents were in college in the 80’s?! I like to think that I am not old enough to be Peter’s father, but I am happy to have (more) of his respect. ;-)

2) Other old-timers are encouraged to chime in with how they spent time back in the day. We certainly used the ancient institution of the “library” for “academic resources” and the like.

3) How did we “pass time?” Good question. We spent a lot of time with these things call “books.” Highly recommended! We also talked/argued/gossiped with our fellow students. Surely Peter and his friends can find a way to do that without access to Facebook.

4) But, as always, the best advice for how to spend Winter time at Williams, in this era as in every other, is to fall in love. Peter (unless he is already dating someone) should ask out one of the lovely Ephs who are all around him. Dinner and a movie with a pretty Eph beats the Internet every time. Trust me.

And, if he is dating someone, who should go buy her flowers right now. EphBlog Life Lesson #37: You can never buy too many flowers for an Ephwoman.

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