An e-mail to the Class of 2007 from our class president:

Date: Mon, 12 Feb 2007 19:13:06 -0500
From: Sarah Jenks
Subject: [classof2007] Life After Williams Book

We had about 100 of our classmates attend last week’s Networking event sponsored by OCC, The Alumni Relations and Alumni Fund Offices. The evening was a great success. All attendees were given a Life After Williams book with all sorts of helpful “real world” information and our hosts want to make sure everyone in the class gets their own copy. The books are available in each of the offices so stop by and pick one up. You should know where OCC is by now, Alumni Relations is in Mears House (75 Park Street, across from the First Year Quad, the Alumni Fund is right next door in Vogt House). I would definitely suggest getting one. It has everything from how to pay your taxes to how to buy an engagement ring. Enjoy!

On the cover of these books it says “Life After Williams… Explained” with a picture of the homecoming barbecue (taken by Ben Rudick for SI, I think). On the back is Ben Rudick’s picture of the Williams Halloween pumpkins (which he posted on EphBlog a while back). However, that is all that relates to Williams in the whole thing; it’s a canned book produced by a company that only produces these books.

The kicker? They’re $12.95 each and the content is almost entirely useless.

It has things like the “hanger rule” — if you buy a suit all on one hanger, you can wear it to your job or an interview. If you didn’t buy the suit jacket and the pants together, no go on the outfit. (Seriously, the hanger rule?) It explains that 2 BR means two bedrooms. It is so boring that I doubt anyone will take it home after graduation. Did I mention that each one costs $12.95? I just wonder who should be outraged — current students for wasting our tuition, or alumni for wasting their generous contributions?

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