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This week is Williams Week of Climate Action. Students have been working hard to raise awareness about sustainability at Williams through lots of events, art and information. This eight foot tall cut out of Morty holding up the globe is now prominently displayed in Goodrich hall. Tomorrow students will unveil a giant CFL lightbulb made entirely from the incandescent bulbs that have been exchanged so far. This sculpture will be placed on Baxter lawn, weather permitting.

Yesterday the “Amherst Blows Greenhouse Gases” T-shirts debuted, for sale at $10 each. They are available in the dining halls.

Thursday Night Group members are tabling there and in the dining halls all week asking students to sign The POWER Pledge. The Pledge states that the student will turn off their devices when not in use, and each signatory then gets a flourescent sticker on their door that lets their neighbors and friends know that saving energy is something everyone cares about. We’ve collected about 600 signatures so far, and hoping for 1000.

Other events this week include a ‘taste test’ where you can compare CFL to incandescent bulbs in Goodrich, Schow and Sawyer. Last night there was a very well attended unplugged music concert in Dodd living room. On Monday, two students ran into each of the dining halls, dressed as a coal plant and a wind turbine respectively. They shouted at each other, got in a fight, and the coal plant lost while the diners watched with surprised looks on their faces.

When Morty emailed the campus about the new sustainability initiative, the overwhelming response was, “what does that mean?” Our goal with this week of action is to let people know what that means for Williams and what their part in all this is.

Calculations by the Climate Action Committee outline the stratagies for reducing carbon emissions by about 50% over the next 13 years. About 1/4 of that saving is projected to be in individual conservation. See here: link

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