A reader wonders how this forum went.

Inclusion and Diversity in Athletics
From: Rowena Ahsan
Posted: Tuesday February 20

Is it too expensive to plays sports at Williams? Are students of color comfortable on predominantly white teams? Do gay-lesbian-bisexual-transgender students feel safe on a team? Is there a hierarchy between men and women’s sports? Have sports teams replaced fraternities at Williams in their social exclusivity? The Minority Coalition (MinCo) invites you to an open forum to address these questions, and to discuss absolutely any issue that falls under the topic of: “Inclusion and Diversity in Athletics”

Dodd Living Room
Tuesday February 20th at 8:00pm
Absolutely everyone is welcome to share their thoughts and opinions. Members of the Athletics Department, Dean’s Office, Admissions Office, and Multicultural Center will be present to listen, so that they may start to address your concerns in the work that they do.

Were any EphBlog readers there? Tell us what happened. As for me, this is a lovely excuse to post ephmom’s satire.

Next will be an open forum on the oppressive nature of the snow at Williams: Is it too expensive to buy cold-weather clothing to wear at Williams? Are students of color comfortable being surrounded by predominantly white snow? Do gay-lesbian-bisexual-transgender students feel safe in the snow? Is there a difference in the way that men and women are able to deal with the snow? Has snow superseded rain at Williams as a force of oppression?

Then, in the future, the Admission Office can start admitting more people who really don’t like snow.

Indeed. The forum seems insanely stupid to me, just the sort of stuff that organizations like the MCC are always sponsoring as a way to justify their existence. See Lowell’s comments as well.

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