A nice addition to the collection of Williams blogs is this effort from Mark Berman on OIT Systems Status. Sound boring? Not so fast!

Two years ago our fiber link to Albany suffered an outage. Believe it or not, the cable was shot by a hunter! (Don’t believe it? Look at the picture). It took the fiber provider nearly 36 hours to repair the break. At that time the Global Crossings link was running and users on campus did not notice the outage. If that were to happen now, we would be off the air until the repair was made. After the Springfield link is added this Friday we will be back in the position where an outage on one link or the other will not knock Williams College off the Internet.

Click the link. You know that you want to. Not sure if this will satisfy Mike Needham ’04, but it seems like a good idea to me. Kudos to Berman for communicating so clearly with his users.

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