There is a lovely memorial by the tennis courts for Lindsay Morehouse ’00, one of the three Eph victims of September 11th. Williams should place a similar plaque near where the wrestling team practices to celebrate the life of Howard Kestenbaum ’67, who died a hero that day, looking out for those around him. He lived the sort of life that every Eph wrestler who follows in his footsteps should aspire to.

Why is there a plaque for Morehouse and not for Kestenbaum? Nothing nefarious, of course. There were just so many people at Williams who knew Morehouse personally, who had coached her or taught her or been friends with her, that a memorial was inevitable. Yet, for Kestenbaum, more than 30 years out of Williams, the personal connection is much less.

And that is why we have reunions. The class of 1967 will be celebrating their 40th reunion this June. They should work with the College and wrestling coach Raf Vega on something modest yet meaningful. I’ll make this suggestion to the class of 1967 and report back.

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