This is today’s message from Doug Schiazza.

Date: Fri, 23 Feb 2007 10:12:45 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Paresky Updates 2/23

Greetings. Below are more updates – some are responses to suggestions and inquiries I received from the last message that was sent. I hope this will help to clarify some things.

(And I’m sorry to keep flooding your inboxes – for the time being, it seems like this is the best way to communicate these things with the entire campus, since it potentially affects the entire campus. Thanks for your patience and understanding.)

The full message is below.

– Cleaning up – I cannot emphasize this enough, we *must* have everyone’s cooperation in cleaning up after yourselves. This means: throw out your trash, bring your dishes to the dishroom belt, take your things with you when you leave, and return furniture to its original position. In fact, go the extra mile – make it look a little *better* than it did when you got there. This is one of the make-or-break issues with keeping the building open 24/7 – if you want it to stay open all night, you’ve got to do your part.

– Public computers – we are talking with OIT about installing two public computers in the Mailroom area, which would be equipped to work similarly to the public workstations in Goodrich. We hope to have these available ASAP after Spring Break.

– Public printer – we plan to install one in the Student Organizations Suite (203) for students. This is not meant to be a high-volume printer; rather, it should be used only when absolutely necessary. I don’t have a timetable yet for when this will be available, but I will let you know.

– Ping pong – this has been the question of the week! I am investigating the feasibility of a ping-pong table in the Luetkemeyer (basement) lounge. I’m also checking into an air hockey table. I’ll keep you posted.

– ATM & Cash-to-Card – both of these machines will be installed near the Park Street entrance (by the Info Center) in the coming weeks.

– DVD Rental machine – yes, we plan to have one! We’ll be looking at companies and figuring it out – once we do, you’ll know!

– Mailboxes – won’t have a view slot, sorry. But they are big enough to hold your magazines and NetFlix!

– Newspapers available – we hope to start up a new student readership program in Paresky ASAP after Spring Break; we anticipate having papers available near the Mailroom.

– TV – a television will be installed after Spring Break in the Luetkemeyer (basement) lounge, for cable viewing.

– Vending – at this time, considering all of the food venues in the building, there are no plans for food vending machines in Paresky.

– Reading Room lighting & outlets – we’re planning to increase the lighting in the Reading Room, and we are investigating ways to increase the number of available outlets in the space as well.

– Auditorium – there have been a lot of reservation requests for the Auditorium. If you reserve it, the A/V booth will be opened for you as well. If you need instructions on how to use it prior to your program (it’s very easy), please contact me IN ADVANCE and I’ll arrange to meet with you during the daytime hours Monday – Friday. Eventually, the Tech Manager will coordinate this (once s/he is hired). Also, please note – the projector and screen are set up for WIDESCREEN viewing. If you are using 3:2 ratio, you may want to raise the screen and use the back wall instead (even with this, the top of the projection will hit the ceiling a bit).

– Fireplaces – please continue to refrain from building fires in the fireplaces. Occasional approved fires will be built by student employees or by the Campus Life staff, once the lockable screens are installed.

– Broken window in the Snack Bar – we believe the window was broken due to normal building settling (the cracking was observed by members of the Dining Services staff as it happened). Hopefully it’ll be replaced soon!

– Student employment – I plan to contact students today to set up interviews for early next week for the Tech Manager and Personnel Manager positions, and I *hope* to be able to interview and hire our Assistants by the end of next week. Those of you who have already emailed me – no worries, I will be
in touch ASAP about the process.

That’s all for today. Thanks again to everyone for your continued cooperation in making Paresky a comfortable and inviting place for everyone
at Williams.


Douglas J.B. Schiazza
Director of Campus Life, Williams College
The Paresky Center, Suite 219
PO Box 455
Williamstown, MA 01267
413.597.4748 – fax

I have already sent him my e-mail in response to this message. What is yours?

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