As a follow up to the Don’t Like Snow satire, we have a new version from Rahul.

Williams College hates us. The people here discriminate against us. Beyond just getting lower hook-up rates, we are discriminated against in people’s minds. They look at us as just WSO-ers. They use names that we have used to proudly describe ourselves disparagingly today, like “WSO blogger”, “regular” and “post-whore”. I say it’s time we take back the mid-afternoon. We need to break this cycle of opression that damages our self-esteem and portrays us at victims. It’s time we fight back. We need a space where we can go and be ourslves, talk about the issues that bother us and just hide from all the haters on campus. There will be enough people here who hate this idea and will go to unbelievable lengths to make sure we fail, but WSO-ers, we will not fail because our cause is just and we have strength: the strength of each other. I propose to start the WSO-ers Collective. Our next step is to build a bloggers center. Except we need to change the spelling because of the bad connotation the word center has received following the opening of the womyn’s center. I propose to change the spelling to Bl0gG3rS C3NtR3.

Since Rahul likes blogging and doesn’t get paid, the proper terminology is “post-slut” not “post-whore.” What is the point of inculcating Rahul in the ways of the patriarchy if he doesn’t pick up the lingo?

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