Does anyone know the status of the Williams College Debate Union? In the past, it has put on some great events, but I haven’t noticed any activity for some time. Here are two debates that the WCDU should sponsor:

1) This House would remove all US troops from Iraq before 2009.

2) This House would abolish the Williams College Women’s Center.

The second is probably the more fun and timely of the two. But the first would be useful as well since there is such a narrow range of views on the Iraq War presented by non-students on the Williams campus.

Since I doubt that the WCDU would be able to find a faculty member who both honestly disagrees with 1) and was willing to publicly argue against it, I would be eager to step into the breach. The most fun opponent would probably be Professor Shanti Sigham despite (because!) she refuses to reply to my e-mails.

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