Given our interest in diversity and athletics, this piece by Dan Blatt ’85 is must-reading.

Like many students at Williams College, I struggled to find a place where I felt I belonged. For many students, it was relatively easy. They got along well with their freshman roommates and others in their dorm and easily found a niche. Others who had had positive experiences in high school sports signed up for the same sport as freshmen and found their niche with the Williams team. Still others found a niche in extracurricular activities.

My freshman year was most difficult for a great variety of reasons; notably, after thirteen years in the same preparatory school, I was uncertain how to deal with an entirely new situation. And I didn’t know myself well enough; I wanted to blend in more than to stand out. I did not do a varsity sport and did not try out for the Freshman Review, a popular Williams variety show starring first year students. I didn’t get along well with my freshman roommates and often felt isolated in my dorm. I worked hard in my classes and had few close friends.

It wasn’t until my junior year, later than most, that I found a place on the track and cross country teams. It was also that year that I first acknowledged my feelings for men to Williams classmates.

Read the whole thing.

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