Today’s latest update:

Date: Thu, 01 Mar 2007 17:48:43 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Paresky Update 3/1

Hello once again everyone. Here are some more updates – thanks for being patient with all of my emails.

– “Club Dub” this weekend in Paresky! Activities include the Jazzstronauts (9pm – 11pm in ’82 Grill), Ritmo Latino lessons (11pm – 1am in ’82 Grill), DJ Nick Collela (10pm – 12midnight, Dining Room), and Casino Games (10pm – 12midnight, 2nd floor lounges) on Friday night! On Saturday, Seth Meyers from Saturday Night Live will do his comedy routine @ 7pm in Baxter Great Hall! Coinciding with Seth will be root beer floats (and great commemorative Paresky Dining Services glasses!) at the Snack Bar! Look for the ads and posters for more info. Brought to you by the Neighborhoods, ACE, Sophomore Council, and Campus Life!

– As you can tell from above, the ’82 Grill is OPEN! (And the pizza is fantastic!) Open Hours: Lunch @ 11:30am-2pm (Monday – Friday); Evening @ 8pm-12midnight (Tuesday & Wednesday), and 9pm – 1am (Thursday – Saturday). Although cash is always welcome, students may use equivalency for lunch, and for dinner from 8pm-11pm (Tuesday & Wednesday) & 9pm-12midnight (Thursday – Saturday). Beer & wine are served during the evening hours until a half-hour before closing – bring your ID’s with you! (Sorry, you can’t use equivalency for
alcohol – cash only!)

– The Snack Bar and the ’82 Grill will both be open for regular hours this weekend, though there will be no alcohol service Friday night at the Grill due to how active we expect the building to be that night.

– Vending Machines – a beverage machine will be installed in the Luetkemeyer (basement) Lounge, under the open staircase. Once we’ve determined that the electrical outlets there can handle a 2nd machine, we’ll add one for snacks.

– Ping Pong & Air Hockey – they’re on their way, along with billiards, to be installed in the Luetkemeyer Lounge.

– Public Computers – there will be four public computers installed near the Mailroom, to be used primarily for checking email, etc. ASAP after Spring Break.

– Public Printer – there will be a printer installed in 203 (the Student Organization Suite), along with a print-computer next to it. In order to keep waste down, the printer will not be networked – instead, if you need to print something, you can email it to yourself, go to this computer station, sign into your email, and print it on the spot. OIT has done this in a couple of other locations on campus, and it has successfully reduced waste (which is what we want to do in our environmentally-friendly building!). ASAP after Spring Break.

– Fireplaces – as stated before, please continue to refrain from building fires in the fireplaces. Occasional approved fires will be built by student employees or by the Campus Life staff, once the lockable screens are installed and the student employees are hired!

– Reading Room – the door locking system has been changed, so there should be no more “clicking” sounds.

– Auditorium – please refrain from bringing food or drinks into the space. Thanks!

– Snack Bar line – there has been some concern about the line (especially at night) going across in front of the Great Hall, and thus in front of the main doors to the building. We’d like to encourage you to form the line around the bend going west up the path toward Whitmans’ (Market Place) next to the Great Hall instead at night. Dining Services is ordering stanchions to assist with this.

– Heavy doors – many of the wood doors are rather heavy and can be difficult to open. We’re checking to see if anything can be done about that.

– Coat hooks or cubbies – we’re checking on the feasibility of some coat hooks or cubbies in a few locations in the building.

– Meeting Room chairs have been upgraded (these were in the original plans, but they took a little longer to arrive).

– We’re looking into issues with the dining chairs’ sturdiness. For the time being, please be easy on these chairs (the fun-looking chairs with the round back and a hole), and don’t lean back on them too much.

Enough for today. Enjoy the pending snowstorm, and be careful out there! :-)


Douglas J.B. Schiazza
Director of Campus Life, Williams College
The Paresky Center, Suite 219
PO Box 455
Williamstown, MA 01267
413.597.4748 – fax

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