Nathan Friend’s ’07 WCFM show, “The Hour,” is now available via podcast. Amazing stuff. I listed to three shows on a long drive and enjoyed them immensely. Highly recommended! Nathan has a great radio voice and invites interesting guests. Following are some comments and questions, both for Nathan and other readers.

1) Nathan should advertise the show via EphBlog, as he did last year. There are many (dozens? scores?) of alums and parents who would listen if listening were easy. Also, he could solicit questions for his guests in the comments. I am sure that our readers would come up with some tough ones.

2) Is there an easy way to turn these podcasts into transcripts? There is a lot of great material here that I would like to quote and comment on.

3) What is the podcast equivalent of Planet? One of EphBlog’s most popular features is Eph Planet, where we (read: Eric) aggregate all the feeds from different blogs having an Eph connection. How can we do the same for podcasts? Besides Nathan’s, we would want to include Air Williams (now defunct?) from Matt Piven ’07 and, perhaps, Chris Gondeck’s ’90 Invisible Hand Podcast. In the future, there will be others.

So, what we want is to create a listing of all Eph podcasts, both those that are updated regularly (so that one might subscribe) and those that are one-time events but which we want to tell people about. That listing should be easy to look at and easy for people to download via iTunes and the like. Suggestions?

4) Is old programming for “The Hour” available? My iTunes subscription has only 7 shows. What about other WCFM shows? Nathan mentioned another current affairs show (EphVent?), but I can’t find out anything about that.

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