David asks, and Kim Dacres ’08 delivers, just six hours later:

Date: Sun, 04 Mar 2007 21:02:09 -0500 (EST)
From: Kimberly.M.Dacres@williams.edu
To: williams-students@williams.edu
Subject: Co-Presidents Inaugural Address

HELLO WILLIAMS! Morgan Goodwin and I would like to thank you for electing us student body presidents. Our main goals for this year will focus around:

1. Student Leadership
2. Diversity Initiative
3. Sustainability
4. Club Sports

We look forward to hearing feedback from you in order to accomplish these goals and any other projects you want to see accomplished. With that said look out for a Suggestion Box in Paresky.

College Council will begin to have Office Hours Sunday-Thurs 8pm-10pm in the College Council Office -203c Organizations Suite.

Office hours are an official time for anyone to drop by and ask questions about the inner workings of the college, make suggestions, and just simply talk. We’ll do our best to answer all questions and generally try to direct you in the right direction.

We’re looking forward to this upcoming term as CC Co-Presidents. And we’re ready to work for you! WORD IS BOND.

Morgan & Kimbo

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