What would it mean to have a political party within the student body at Williams? And do we already?

Aroop Mukharji and Richard McDowell note in their record op-ed last week, that campus politics would be more competitive and meaningful if there were political parties within the student body. This got me thinking that maybe we already have one.

Environmentalists at Williams, broadly defined, have a strong presence outside of environment specific groups. We are a special interest which lobbies for our goals within building projects, college operations, student life and academics. We even successfully lobbied for a major change to college policy, the sustainability initiative. But what does our loose organization look like within campus politics?

Take the the recent CC elections as en example. Kimbo and I won with sustainability as part of our platform, and my very visible involvement in these issues means my election hopefully represents some approval of the student body of the need for action. Two other elected candidates for all-campus positions, Remmington Shepard and Lizzy Brickley, are both devoted Thursday Night Groupers, (our weekly climate action group) and included sustainability as part of their platform. In addition, many members of student-faculty committees have included environmental concerns in their self-noms. This year I certainly plan on encouraging many motivated and qualified ‘green’ ephs to apply or run for the major committees, such as CPR, CEP, CUL, Lectures. These are all actions that would be taken by a political party, if one were to exist at Williams.

Does that make us a party? Would we gain anything if we called ourselves one? And would anyone care?

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