Given that I have been promising (threatening?) to write more extensively at Ephblog for some time and that has not come to fruition, I’d like to explain, if I may be so self-indulgent. Excerpted from dcat:

I have some news I am pleased to share, if you will indulge me. I have recently been named a blogger and writer for the Foreign Policy Association. My blog will be one of several separate but linked blogs covering areas including Central Asia, Children’s issues, Climate Change, Mexico, The Middle East, Migration, War Crimes, and my area, South Africa. You can access the blog here. I have already added a blogroll of lots of South Africa-related links, many of which I do not have on my own blogroll at dcat, and I posted for the first time just a little while ago.

While the blog is just now hitting the ground live, this has been in the works for some time now. I hope that those of you with an interest in any of these issues will come over and see the writing that we are doing for the Foreign Policy Association.


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