Comments like this are too fun not to highlight.

Any claims that the Women’s Center was ‘student-initiated’ are absurd. Was there any discussion about a Women’s Center at Williams prior to Ansell’s arrival? Not that I can find. (Corrections welcome.)

David- While I and my classmates lacked the time and resources to catalyze the birth of a Women’s Center, we definitely discussed the benefits of such a center in one of my history classes while exploring gender issues (pre-Ansell).

Well, if discussion-in-class is the same thing as “student-initiated,” then perhaps the Iraq War was student-initiated! Students did discuss the benefits (and costs) of such a war back in 2002.

Leave aside the question of whether or not a Women’s Center is a good thing, whether or not one would have come along in a couple of years anyway, created by motivated students. I just want to establish that referring to the actual existing Women’s Center at Williams as “student-initiated” is a lie, an Orwellian inversion of the truth.

Need more evidence? This whole topic first came to prominence when Sara Ansell posted this on WSO last May

I am a Campus Life Coordinator and I am hoping to hear students’ thoughts on having a Women’s Center here at Williams. I attended Haverford College, graduating last May, and I spent a large amount of my free time working as a senior staff member at the Women’s Center. I loved the job and loved the Center — it provided support for many groups on campus some relating to women’s issues and some not, collected an impressive library devoted to women’s issues (very useful to women’s and gender studies students), and executed inspiring programs such as “Women in Faith” a look at women in religion today; “New Moon Art” an exhibit of female student’s art?; “Rape and Sexual Assault Awareness Week”, and “Sexuality Week” (a week devoted to discussing and promoting safe positive sex).

Not only did Ansell lead the creation of the Women’s Center, she came up with the theme of their first major event!

And there is nothing wrong with that! I like Ansell. She (unlike many college officials) has kindly and intelligently responded to my questions. She was extremely well-spoken and engaging when interviewed on “The Hour.” If the College is to have CLCs, then it should have CLCs like Ansell.

Yet historical truth is sacrosanct. The Women’s Center was Ansell-initiated not student-initiated.

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