By popular demand, I have made a longer video of the Paresky center. However, I am the first to admit that this video is not of very high quality, because my camera only takes 15 or so seconds at a time, and it is noisy, and shaky, and it is hard to see things. However, this gives you a walking tour of the left side of the main floor of Paresky.

Disclaimer: Portions of this video contain annoying narrative.

Scene 1: Standing just inside the entrance, looking first at Baxter Great Hall, then at tabling, then walking towards snack bar.
Scene 2: Panning across snack bar. We have already had this video here.
Scene 3: Snack bar preparation area and student eating area.
Scene 4: Panning across the back of the snack bar prep area. At the end of this shot, students standing around waiting for their food.
Scene 5: The Marketplace Servery (“Whitman’s) when it is closed and no one is in it (except the guy mopping).
Scene 6: Whitman’s during lunch, first the sandwich area, then the salad area.
Scene 7: Pasta area with example plates and chef making pasta, panning to vegan area and then to people waiting in line to swipe their cards.
Scene 8: Just outside the Marketplace Servery, first the specials board, then the place where you put your trays at the end, then the line of chairs along the bar thingy, facing (at the end of the line) the main entrance to Paresky.

Most of the clips have narration that is trying to explain these things, but it is difficult to hear and understand, so hopefully the scene summaries above will be a helpful guide.

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