I normally like Ephs in Finance and Eph networking stories. What about this one?

85 Broads, an amazing women’s network of undergraduates, MBAs, and professionals, is excited to launch its Williams chapter! Apply to be an executive Board member of the 85 Broads@Williams Club. You’ll get connected with a powerful network of amazing women, take part in exclusive leadership and management training from 85 Broads, and meet student leaders from all over the nation.

85 Broads used to be a serious organizations, back when it was restricted to women in finance associated with Goldman Sachs. Bethany McLean ’92 is mentioned (and has a nice photo quote in their front page slide show).

Now, unfortunately, it seems little more than a social networking VC play. Getting involved with this is like becoming a regional rep for Facebook. Start a Facebook club at your high school! This is the Amway of the 21st century.

Better for the student here to work with OCC to create a similar network of Eph women.

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