From Jen Krouse ’89 in the alumni office.

Congratulations, Team ’88!

Cleanup period is over, and so is the 2006-2007 fund drive. Any gifts that come in between now and Reunion will still be counted toward this fund year (unless the donor specifies otherwise). But the main work is done.

And the results are in! You didn’t exactly have easy goals, but you still surpassed them to raise 325 gifts totaling $121,875! That’s 65.8% of the class! And I hear there’s a check or two still in the mail.

What you do is special. Few schools can claim the kind of support that you give it. Thank you for your time and hard work. Williams is lucky to have alumni who volunteer to keep the college strong.

This is my second year as a class agent. Hard work! The alumni office does a fine job of organizing and motivating the troops, although, to be honest, I don’t know enough about how other organizations raise money to be a fair judge. Still, I think that a 65% response rate is extremely high for a college class which graduated 19 years ago. Note that there are no shenanigans here. Those are 325 gifts, each from a different person, each given this year.

Alumni should consider volunteering as class agents. Doing so keeps you in touch with friend, is a way to give back to the college and teaches you something about the art and science of raising money. I wish that I were better at it.

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