Great article on Roger St. Pierre and “The Walk.”

St. Pierre also is honored to be part of another great rivalry, the Williams-Amherst football game. “The Walk” began in 1971, St. Pierre said, because of mechanical problems with the bus that takes the team from Weston to Cole Field House on the other side of town after games. Not wanting to wait for another bus, the Ephs, fresh off a win over their rivals, decided to hoof it. The walk soon became a tradition after each season-ending win over Amherst (the teams play each other each year, alternating sites between the two schools). Eventually, the Ephs started doing it after Homecoming wins over Wesleyan in years when they were scheduled to play on the road against the Lord Jeffs.

Somewhere along the line, St. Pierre got involved.

“You get to know some of the players pretty well,” he said. “After the game, I’d yell out, ‘Hey, Steve, great game!’ and toss him a beer or something. Well, it took about three seconds for that to get popular. … This is back when the drinking age was 18.”

Eventually, St. Pierre’s Barber Shop was a regular stop for the triumphant Ephs, even after the drinking age was raised to 21 and St. Pierre decided the celebration had to take a more temperate turn.

“I said to one of the kids, ‘Gee, I can’t do it this year, I’m sorry,'” St. Pierre said. “He said, ‘Can we still come up?’ I said, ‘Of course. But there’s no beer.’ He said, ‘It’s not about the beer.’

It never is.

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