UPDATE: This was originally published last month. But it then became clear (see comments below) that the search for the their was on-going. So, I removed the post. It appears now for posterity. Did Fernandez ever get her laptop back?

Noemi Fernandez’s computer was stolen.

I woke up to find my laptop missing from my common room today in Mark Hopkins B30. It is a silver Powerbook G4 12″ Apple computer with a dent on the top and a sticky spacebar. It went missing between 1 am and 8 am. If you have it please give it back, no questions asked. If you have seen it, please let me know ASAP. If you have it and want to keep it, can I at least have my music/documents/pictures back? It really sucks to have all my work gone.

And she is rightfully angry (although she then removed the angry post).

But, here at EphBlog, we are about solutions. I am no technologist, but I thought that the Williams network can/could identify specific computers; it gathers computer-specific information. So, there is a record of details associated with Noemi’s computer from her previous WIFI connections and log-ins. OIT can easily look this up. Then, with this knowledge, OIT can see if this specific computer is being used on the Williams-network right now, can even see what UNIX accounts are being accessed from it.

Smart technologists should comment.

It seems likely that the thief is a Williams student or is very familiar with the campus and might, therefore, have occasion to use Noemi’s computer to connect. If he does, can we catch him?

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