Stephen O’Grady ’97 needs help.

I’m a fan of the internet. I believe ardently in both free speech and personal freedom.

But there are times when I hate all of the above.

Just got off the phone with my mother and have been exchanging emails with my father, and frankly I am at sea. I cannot recall a single instance in my life to date in which I’ve felt this helpless. As nearly as I can determine, everything that can be done is being done. Out of respect for the privacy of the family involved, I’ll say only that a young cousin of mine is involved, and that my heart bleeds for her parents.

If any of you happen to have contacts in the FBI or with forensic technology investigators, I’d consider it a personal favor if you’d help me make a connection.

We could use all the help we can get right now.

There are Ephs in the FBI, but I don’t have easy access to their contact info. Perhaps someone else does. You can reach Stephen here.

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